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Track is the sponsor of the unstoppable Diok
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Monday, 2nd of January the Dakar 2017 is started, a legendary race this year rides between Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia, and Track is the coming sponsors and technical sponsor of Diocleziano Toia. After getting tested in minor competitions the new TRIPMASTER “Co-Pilot”, Track is ready to challenge in the world harder rally, the harder edition ever,…

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Good News from T³ (Track Test Team)
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Pariani has developed its first Sport Device “Track co-pilot “, a revolutionary Tripmaster for Rally navigation. Don’t call it only tripmaster, it’s much more, it is a true RALLY COMPUTER. During the Sardegna Legend Rally, the T³ puts the Track co-pilot under harsh environment stresses to demonstrate the durability of its system. Wide and crisp…

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