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Co-Pilot +

The premium Tripmaster & GPS Based rally computer

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SKU: T0102

All-In-One Tripmaster and CAP Repeater

CNC Machined aluminium frame, graphic display, GPS receiver with wired and wireless capability

When dimension makes the difference

With its 25mmCo-Pilot+ has the bigger digits available in rally computers.

Software functions

  • Adjustable trip with resolution of 10m or 100m
  • Actual speed, Average speed, Top Speed
  • Heart rate monitor (with the wireless sensor)
  • CAP Repeater
  • 24h clock
  • Wireless or Wired connection to the speed sensor
  • Wireless connection to the heart rate sensor
  • USB connection to upgrade the software


All the premium characteristics of the Co-Pilot plus the GPS, this is the best-in-class AIO (All In One) with Tripmaster , CAP Compass heading and GPS-Based time of day functions in the same device.

The wide clear display is easy to read in bright sunlight or at night, it has an easy to navigate menu and a superb keyboard for the gloved hand.
Do not spend time connecting new sensors to your bike, the wireless technology gives all the connectivity you will need, leaving you free to concentrate on the riding!
Heart rate monitor is ideal for the rider that needs to evaluate and improve his performance.
These are just a few of the premium characteristics Co-Pilot+ gives you, many more will be unveiled soon!

Phisical dimensions

Outline 99x53x26mm

Mounting options

Mounting pins: 2x 5MA – 38,0mm Pitch

Display size, WxH


Display resolution, WxH


Display Backlight

White LEDs dimmable by menu settings


5 updates per second
Jammer detection and reduction




Rechargeable lipo battery

Battery life

Up to 10h in battery mode

IP Protection


Operating temperature

-20°, +70°C

Main functions

– Adjustable trip
– CAP Compass heading
– GPS based time of day
– Speed, AVG speed, Top Speed
– Auto start & Auto stop
– Healt Monitoring
– ANT Wireless
– RS232 link to add wired sensors and devices
– Upgradable (through the micro- USB connector)

  • Co-Pilot+
  • Wired GPS receiver
  • Power connector
  • Wired speed sensor
  • Mounting parts: grommets, washers and nuts
  • Quick Start manual
Wireless Speed Sensor

ANT 3rd Party Speed Sensor, Coming soon

Heart rate band

ANT 3rd Party Heart Rate sensor, Coming soon